On being an artist: Your Artist Workout

From http://clicks.robertgenn.com/personal-trainer.php

Advice to artists from a personal trainer, taking skills from workout training and applying them to being an artist:

* Find a sanctuary where you can comfortably work.
* Dedicate at least two hours a day to your art.
* Have more than enough equipment and supplies.
* Set short- and long-term goals and keep track of progress.
* Think of your work as exercise, not championship play.
* Explore series development and exhaust personal themes.
* Work alone with the benefit of books and perhaps tapes.
* Replace passive consumption with creative production.
* Use your own intuition and master your technology.
* Feel the joy of personal, self-generated sweat.
* Fall in love with your own working processes.
* Be forever on the lookout for the advent of style.
* Try to be your own person and claim your rights.
* Don't bother setting yourself up for rejection.
* Don't swing too wildly and damage the well-being of others.
* Don't jump into the ring until you're feeling fit.

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