Christmas at DollyWood - Holiday Movie Musings

Dolly is hot hot hot this season, so it’s not at all surprising Hallmark released a movie in 2019 staged at DollyWood on the 30th Anniversary of Smokey Mountain Christmas. Starring Danica McKellar (Winnie from The Wonder Years) as an event planner, and Niall Matter (Zane from Eureka) who is bucking for the GM position at DollyWood during this important landmark event.

I could do without Luke’s constant negging in the beginning because he’s too damn insecure. He seriously called her “bossy” for saying she takes her job seriously and wants to double-check the chef and menu before signing off on it. I would also have liked a lot more footage from the park itself (not just the one section of it).

And yes, Dolly makes an appearance, and is just as adorable as ever.

Ultimately, it’s not a very compelling story. I mean, one of the points of tension is an LED Christmas tree that continually “glitches” (...and how many times can you say LED to let us know the LED tree is  LED and has an LED star on it...? These people are reallllly excited by an LED tree.), but I do enjoy any story set in a theme park. Do I recommend? Eh, while I really like a chance to see Danica, I think you can find better this season (she has at least one other Hallmark Christmas movie in the catalog I plan to check out: A Crown for Christmas).


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