Wow...way old class outline...

This is a class outline I wrote back in August of 2001 when I was teaching at Goddess Squad. Some things are so completely different...and some things are eerily the same after 8 years!
When I first started teaching, I would write detailed plans from warm ups to cool downs, and then would keep a journal each evening writing about how class went and if I got to everything, how they seemed to respond to different ways of describing things or drilling them, etc. It was really valuable then, and really interesting to look back at all these notes!

*Shoulder rolls, progress until snake arms
*Neck rolls
*Arms up over head, chest lifted, shoulders down, reach right arm up and drop right hip "climbing ladder" reverse, back and forth
*Widen stance, flat back, rotate torso to face corner of room without moving hips, don't lock knees or hunch shoulders reach for right corner of room. Shoulders back! Keep hips as forward as possible, feeling stretch along side. Pull up through stomach to maximize stretch and take strain off of back.
*Round back and bend toward right leg, feeling stretch in the opposite hip and thigh. Keep hips forward still.
*Walk hands to middle, feeling hamstring stretch, demi-plie and roll up center
*Repeat on left
*Return to right, but when bending down to foot, turn body to the right so you are bending over your right knee.
*Down to lunge, either knee off the floor or down onto floor
*Drop leg down to half-z sit stretching hips and legs
*Bring back leg up over front leg, torso twisting stretch
*Bring legs under you and surrender
*Tuck toes under you, standing up, walking hands back to your feet
*Hang in this position, stretching back. Lift up through stomach, as if you are hanging down from your hips. Roll up.
*Repeat on left

Arm improvisation follow along!

Review posture!! arms either active at hips, active out to side, or on back of hips.
lift arms from shoulder blades to relieve shoulders and release tension
Review triples RLR, RLR, RLR, RLR (dum-ka-dum, dum-ka-dum, dum-ka-dum)
Review beledi R-R-RLR, R-RLR pause, R-R-RLR, R-RLR pause (Dum dum Tek ka tek, Dum Tek ka Tek)
Layer movements with triples:
Standing in place, shifting weight, or step-touch in place
Walking in circle, arms either active and low or out to each side
Step-touch in circle, active low, on back of hips, or out to each side
Step-touch with arms in switching L

Review posture!!! QUEENS AND GODDESSES!
Three point turns: step R-L-R-shift weight, repeat POSTURE, ARMS
Review taqsim, maya, and figure eight
Teach chest circles
Teach Carolyn's walk
Teach combo with two ends of room moving toward one another. May choose any of the three moves:
berber walk twice, maya/taqsim/figure eight for three counts, transitioning back to berber walk on four, repeat
If time left over: hips bumps and hip bump traveling (in circle and across floor)

Closing moving meditation!

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