"The stage is your temple"

From an interview with Queen Harish about "stage fright". As we come upon our big local festival this weekend, and all the beauties who are entering their temple for the first or fiftieth time, I share this lovely sentiment with my fellow dancers:

"In Backstage before a show, I hear promoters and assistants worrying how I feel, when actually I am feeling completely relieved from the tensions of administrating the flying tickets, the embassy interviews for the visa and all the traveling to make the show happen... and now comes the best time to dance. When you meet the stage, it is like a life journey on the way to God.

I am also posting this thought as I also noticed many of my students worrying before entering on stage, starting to lack confidence in their dance and all the hours they have been practicing. As they enter the stage, I can see that even they smile, their fear is not going.

The most important time of the show is the entrance, this is the moment you spread the tone of your energy, hitting the bell in the audience.

When I enter a stage, I feel like walking into a temple. Before putting my feet on a stage I incline and greet the stage and only after enter the temple. For all dancers, stage is a temple for us! As in all temples, only good energies are inside. It is not possible to have bad energies inside a temple, in the street is possible but not in the temple!!

So, when you are entering in your temple, why do you have fear? I advise best confidence to all the dancers."

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