Aromaleigh vs. Cream Make-up

So let me start by saying that I have always loved my cream based makeups. No complaints. Except when I started getting adult acne breakouts (ARGH!), and wondered if my make-up was contributing. I changed brands, to no avail, and most lately it's been the MMU experiments (MMU=Mineral Make Up). So since I am on vacation today, and have nothing else I have to do, I decided to do one side of my face in my cream make-up, the other side with my Arromaleigh, and see what the sides look like compared to one another, same day, same face.

So here are the results:
Both sides: Oil of Olay moisturizer, Smashbox Photo Finish primer, Mac Eye paints eyshadow primer, Mac brow shadow
First: Smashbox cream foundation, Clinique translucent finishing powder, Maybelline blush, Cover girl eyeshadow
Second: Aromaleigh foundation, 'Luminous' blush, 'Illuminator' finishing powder, Aromaleigh eyeshadows
Cream make-upMMU

Honestly, I like both sides. And on close inspection, one doesn't look excessively more "made up" than the other, in my opinion. Chris kept saying "this side (the mmu side) looks more red". And I said he was right--my natural skintone shows through more on that side. But it doesn't look *RED*. It just looks more rosy than the cream make-up side. I also feel the MMU side appears a bit "warmer". But all-in-all...I wonder if the effect is worth all that... I don't think I look less made-up on the right, honestly, which is what I was going for. What do you think?

Also, RE the rub-off factor...I ran a tissue over my face on both sides. Cream side barely had anything rub off. MMU side had the rouge color rub off a bit. Not excessive, but surprisingly, the cream side left less rub-off on the tissue...

So what does this mean? Hrm...wonder if the MMU stuff is really so spectacular. I really like the finish, regardless. But I think largely, the Smashbox foundation has been my favorite foundation *because* it doesn't look too bland/washed out on me. It has a soft look to it, and doesn't accent my pores. Now the question is, will the MMU decrease my breakouts over time? We'll see...

I will continue to report!

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