Bare Minerals Day 2

So I just went and put on my Bare Minerals (I can't bring myself to abbreviate BM, because it means Burningman to me...), and thought I would report back.

Firstly, last night I wore my Bare Minerals to troupe rehearsal. I had been wearing the same application for about 5 hours when I arrived at rehearsal. We didn't sweat much, but I had my usual amount of light persperation on my brow. I checked in the mirror after and found that it was a smidge patchy around my brows and bridge of my nose (not a streak like with cream make-up, but not flawless...), and that the areas around my blemishes had dried a bit. I am trying to remember if I put on cover-up, and I think I did. So it may be the cover-up and not the Bare Minerals which looked a bit patchy/dry in those areas. I plan to wear my make-up to class tonight, sans any cover-up on the blemishes, and see how it comes out. Cheeks and forehead were otherwise just fine.

So today I just put on my Bare Minerals. I skipped the extra moisturizer I had yesterday, too, so that is another factor to consider. It just didn't make me feel any more or less hydrated. Just another layer of "stuff" on my face. So I only used the Skin Rev-er Upper, followed by my color-correcting Photo Finish from Smashbox (note: yesterday on the first application I used non color-correcting, and frankly, with this make-up, I don't need the color correcting! But I have a large jar of it to use up, while I only have a sample of the regular stuff...)

I am feeling less dewey today, tho I don't know why. I feel a bit more matte/powdery of a finish was achieved today. Perhaps I put on too much of the foundation... I did play more with the concealer brush today to work on those blemishes so I wouldn't use any cover-up. I really want to get the concealing bisque, but for now I am just using the foundation, and it seems to be working.

I used a sweeping "E" motion like one of the models in the video used with her Warmth. I find it gives me back that lightly tanned look I wasn't super fond of with the darker foundation. I prefer the more "blush" angle application which gives more definition to myh cheekbones. So I will revert to that tomorrow. I could see liking the E motion in summer...

Lastly was my Mineral Veil. This is what I *thought* was giving me the dewier complexion yesterday, but as I applied it, I wasn't getting that result. Looks like I have more to learn about amounts to apply and what various effects it will give me as a result.

So there you go, the start of day 2 with my Bare Minerals. I am probably sounding like a mockumentary advertisement at this point, but really it's just that when I was looking into getting this stuff, I wished there was a "play by play" like this for me to refer to, to get a better idea of how a brand-new customer experienced the learning curve with the make-up. So here you go, for you "me's" out there who wanna know.

I do have to say this. I have to stay away from Sephora. I am looking at all the great colors that Bare Minerals offers (including a great line of subtle Glimmers!), and am sooo tempted. But since Chris isn't getting paid right now, need to save money. *sigh* I did start a Christmas wish list online, though. >:)

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