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Due to some recent positive postings about it, I decided to get a sample kit from Everyday Minerals, which is another bismuth-free product. And after three days of testing so far, I really like it! It has that "glow" I liked from BE, has the creamy texture I like, and less transfer than the Aromaleigh. And the little printed brown lids are cute. Never let it be said I am not a slave to packaging.

They have an "Original Glo", which I prefer, and then Semi-matte and Matte.

It also includes a choice of one of the eye shadows, so I have been trying that out. The pigments are much deeper than Aromaleigh. I never liked Aromaleigh's shadows, but kept getting samples in hopes I would one day find some version that I would like. Never did. But this stuff I liked instantly. I am testing the staying power now. I wore it last night through class and it lasted (no shadow primer, to see how it holds on its own), and have some on today as well. Will report back. I tend to rub my eyes a lot during the day, though, because I don't normally wear eye shadow except at night or for performances, so it may not be the best time to be testing the "wear".

One thing I found on their site was interesting though:
"Skin Redness? If you tend to have a redness to your complexion, apply a light dusting of Light Pink Blush all over your face after you apply your foundation. This will help reduce redness and even out your skin tone while boosting your complexion. If you don't like the sparkle you can use either Pick Me Up Pink or your Mint Color Corrector."

Really? If my face is red, I should try and even it out by making everywhere a little more red??
At least they mention color corrector at the end!

Anywho, so far so good, and just wanted to report for anyone who is interested. I know, Lauren, that you were taking notes the other night on my Aromaleigh experiences, so I thought I should pop up and say I *might* be switching to Everyday Minerals. I will be sad to leave Aromaleigh after two-plus happy years, as I felt attached to the small, woman-owned operation--the kind where they write personal messages on every invoice, and send three to four random free sample baggies of lip gloss and shadows with every single order. And they always shipped fast, too, which impresses me, the one who hates shipping the most of all duties of online sales... But I am feeling a pull to Everyday Minerals, and may have to give it a shake out for a little while...

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