Aromaleigh Day 1

Okay so I JUST got my Aromaleigh, as I was walking out the door to go to Renee's for hot tubbing before troupe video night. ARGH! So of COURSE I had to try it on!

For reference:

I got:
Glissade foundation in 2W and 2N
Illuminator finishing powder
Illuminating perle powder in Luminous
Pure Hue eye color in Zinfandel and Brocade

I also got free samples of Natural Frost in Raisin, and Pure Lips Minerals Lipstick in Grenadine

I also got an applicator sponge they recommend, since I returned my Bare Minerals kit with the brushes, and the only kabuki brush is my big-ass Smashbox brush, which is really dense and the powder tends to stay on the surface.

Details about what I did, and pictures, after the cut:

I did an initial pass with the sponge with the 2N, on top of my usual Smashbox Photo Finish, but immediately saw dried areas coming through. I have just started a new acne wash regimen, and it is drying my skin a bit in places. So I washed it off, and started again with a richer moisturizer underneath, then the Smashbox, then the foundation applied with my kabuki brush (it just *feels* better with a brush!). I immediately saw more coverage, and more creamy "weight" to this make-up over the Ebay brand. It was more buildable, and despite still being less natually glowy than BE, it was less powdery feeling and looking than the Ebay stuff. Then I did the blemish covering with my new little applicator brush I got at Sephora in a new brush kit I bought. Went on great. I could not get this coverage from the Ebay stuff. This was *much* more like BE, in feel and application.

Then I followed with the Luminous Perle powder in a blush-meets-bronzer application. I put it a little heavier on my cheeks, then brushed the excess from the brush around the edge of my face in a wide arc. And a dash across the tip of my nose, but by that time there was negligable traces in the brush and I didn't want to reload for my nose! I was cautious on this first application, as it does have the mica in it--hence the Luminous part. And I didn't want to look glittery, in case it had high sheen factor. In retrospect, I definitely could have gone heavier, and might even try a slightly darker sample next time to get more "warmth".

I then followed with the Illuminator finishing powder. This is sold specifically to put the sheen back in that taking the bismuth oxchloride out removed. I found it to be too pale. I saw when I ordered initially that they used to have several different shades of this, for different skin tones. Then they went to "translucent". But I found it wasn't entirely translucent, and lightened me up more than I would have liked. It did add a very *very* subtle glow to my face, without making me look shiney or sparkly. So it works in that regard.

Then I decided to have a little fun with the eyes, since I had a few colors, including the one sample, that would go together. So I put the brocade on as a base (nice!), then zinfandel on the lid up to above the crease, then the raisin in the crease.

I found the zinfandel to be far too transparent for something that looks so wicked on the ordering screen. I would not purchase it. But the Brocade and surprise bonus Raisin are definitely great for me, went on well.

Lastly I tried the lipstick. It is a bit brighter red in color than I normally wear, but richly toned! I like it actually, and could see it at a club or Christmas party. I topped it with my new Lip Venom, but had forgotten to put on lipliner. Oops. So in the pic you will see the gloss making the color bleed. I went back in after the shot and lined the edges and it looks good. I don't think I would buy this color, though. I wouldn't wear it enough to make it worthwhile.

So now is the lasting test. I will let you know how it feels and wears over time. I will see tonight if it gets patchy or starts to enhance wrinkles or pores. Mineral make-ups tend to "melt" into your skin over the course of the day, and in most cases it ends up looking better and better, but in some it looks worse. So we'll see and I will report back.
LEFT: Aromaleigh (during bad face week even ;)
RIGHT: Initial BE application with lots of Warmth in application (so I look darker)

Click for full image

Sum up initial feelings:
I immediately like the texture more than the Ebay brand
I like the coverage, application went well
Color selection is great
Shimmery stuff isn't too overly shimmery
Should this wear well over the next few days, they will have a new customer in me!

Check 'em out at , and watch this space for detailed reports on how it goes this week with this brand! I am kinda excited all over again, and that is a good sign!

(PS If this works out, I think I will go to Sephora and get myself the brushes from Bare Escentuals. They felt good and did a good job of application with minerals make-up.)

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