Aromaleigh Day 2

Day 2, and just getting ready to run out the door to take my family-in-laws to the airport for their Turkey Day in SoCal. Here are the quick n' dirty pics.

LEFT: just foundation
RIGHT: full meal deal

Foundation went on fine, but I am noticing a lot of dry, flaky patches on my skin. This is mainly due to the acne cleansing routine, but the minerals seem to accent it a bit. Cream based foundations tend to..well..moisturize a little. They have moisture in them, so it not only avoids accenting dryness, but tends to alleviate it more. I wonder what longterm use of minerals will do for the dryness factor. It was so bad on my "first run" this morning, I washed it off, put on the heavier moisturizer again, and started over. Still there are some dry patches, but likely mostly noticable to me and/or up close.

So, regarding the right "full meal deal":
Put on the raisin lipstick again, this time with liner first and without Lip Injection, to make sure I get a sense of wear, feel, lasting power without any other ingredients. Like the color a bit better without the Injection, as well. It is pretty intense color, needing only a tiny bit to get results, and adding the Injection boosted the pink tones more than I would have liked. So far it feels good. Non-drying, but fairly matte.

In the right hand photo, I added a tinge of warmth-like powder from the Ebay vendor, to darker up a smidge. Just nice to hit the sun-kissed points of the face with it. Still like the BE Warmth better, and hope to find a comparable color in Aromaleigh if this works out.

Still don't like zinfandel. It's like I am not wearing it at all.

I love the Brocade as a base and brow highlighter. I noticed in the sunlight today that the perle is fer realz. It is somewhat gossamer--that pearlized tone that many make-ups are implementing these days. It is very subtle and lovely. I dig.

Oh I forgot to mention that Aromaleigh does not claim the SPF 15 that most other brands do. If you look it up on their website, you will find that they have not had the $ to do lab studies to back up such an assertion, but that their ingredients are much the same as other companies who do claim SPF 15. So I wonder if it DOES have it, but they just can't legally say it at this point. I would like to know for sure, as it would affect the moisturizer I would use under it (SPF or not).

Anyway, gotta go pick up the fam. Will let you know how it wears. Last night at the video night it survived the hot tub and several hours of video watching in a warm studio with no signs of creasing or fading. I wonder what a whole day will reveal...

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