Exercising your creativity!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Thanks to all my readers here. I appreciate your feedback from the many places you read my blog posts from, so a shout out to my RSS feed readers, my Facebook buddies, my LiveJournal friends list, and Tweeters! If you get a chance, post a little hi-hello here today. Would make my day to hear from you here on the blog!

From http://www.luminous-landscape.com/columns/Exercising-Creativity.shtml

"Creativity may be described as focused freedom. On the one hand you are free to create, on the other hand you are focused upon your work and your vision. It is a mix of two opposite directional forces in a way. In that respect it is a challenging state to find, to experience and to make happen. However, once you are in this state, magical things can take place that would not otherwise happen to you. "

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  1. Hope you had an excellent day!! this day is also my wedding anniversary!



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