Amazing Art: Hand crafted dolls

I would like to share with you some inspirational artists and what they are doing with their talents. Yes, it won't always be dance/performance art. And on that note, I would like to share Enchanted Doll. This woman's work is simply...stunning. The dolls are hand-crafted individually, hand-painted, wigs hand-created, the clothes and jewelry hand-crafted to the finest detail...and then they are posed and photographed so realistically, they really seem almost alive. Prepare to be amazed!

The artist also keeps a a blog about her inspirations, progress, sketches, and more; and has a detailed photo gallery showing the process by which she creates the dolls and clothes themselves. So you can look in a little behind the scenes with this incredible artist!

If you have a favorite artist you would like featured here, please write me personally and I will look into including it in a future installment!

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