Prepare to have your mind blown: THREADCAKES!

Okay, so there is something called "ThreadCakes", which is cake designs based on Threadless tee shirts.

In case you don't already know and love Threadless:

And here is Threadcakes:

So not only did this person make an AMAZING ThreadCake, they videotaped themselves creating it every single step of the way, then edited together a cool video showing it being done!!


I found this via the blog Cake Wrecks that a friend linked me to.


  1. I went to I've only ever seen those t-shirts in Bangkok! Seriously, like 90% of those are sold on the streets of Bangkok for 150 bhat. There was one street stand in particular that was near my lodging. On the outer grounds of a Waht.
    It's something I look forward to traveling, getting buy people really cool cheap tees.
    The cake I'm not so sure about it. Are you SUPpose to eat it?

  2. Carrie,
    I always have friends come home from world travels with really awesome design tees! I would be surprised if these shirts specifically were on sale there, though. :/ I thought these were local designers...though maybe the art is getting ripped off somehow? Or overruns are sent overseas?

    Yes, the cakes are all edible! Though I am not a fan of fondant!



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