Dancing that makes me cry... (repost with new video links)

In a good way!

Mia Michaels Moves Me...Mmmm

Hide and Seek (just watched again and *tears* every time)
Sorry for the low quality. The original ones were removed for copyright issues, and only a few remain that have been left and they are poorer versions. *Cry* Don't take these away from us!!

And SYTYCD is again coming soon! I am sooooo excited! One of the few series I anticipate with such excitement!

All I have to do is see the shadow of that bench scene and the first strains of the song, and I cry!

And while we're at it, a little love for Wade Robson in another of my fave SYTYCD moments!

So You Think You Can Dance Ramalama Bang Bang - The best bloopers are here

Man these were HARD to dig up! Dick Clark has been on a rampage taking them all down for copyright infringement, so it is getting harder to find them.

This show is a true gem--a reason alone to watch television in my estimation. None of the contrived drama of other reality shows, and such heart... These dancers break their backs dancing their souls on that stage. They have a WEEK to learn these routines, and they give it their all. Really inspirational.

Don't forget to watch! T- a week and counting!

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