Fostering Pups!

I have to say, now on our second (and third) foster experience, it has been great so far. We have been lucky, I think, with the animals who have come to stay with us. Layla was perfection, and it was really really really hard to let her go (twice!). But we stuck it out and got these two little muffins, Celeste (Cece!) and Oscar.

And I love them. Like, all over again I am madly in love.

Oscar is SO not the kind of dog I fall for, but he found his way into my heart immediately with his enthusiastic tail wagging, expressive face, and just plain BRAVERY! He was found tied to a freeway fence so tightly they had to cut the rope off. He was being stalked by large street dogs ready to attack, and was saved just in time. How an animal so cruelly abused and abandoned is so sweet and trusting...? He's just so freaking resilient and joyful, tons of personality, all in about a 6 pound body!

And Cece...who couldn't fall in love with her? Her exotic look with one brown eye and one bright splotted blue sucks you right in. She loves to play, but is also so mellow and loves to be held and cuddled, resting her head on your shoulder like you've known her all along, even if you just met her. She will curl up into a little fluffy ball and snore quietly as you pet her.

But the best part? I don't want to adopt them.

That sounds weird, I know, but hear me out. With Layla, we were so in love we wanted to keep her. Letting her go was misery because we could see her being a part of our family so comfortably. I was afraid that the future of fostering would go two ways: either we would love them and letting them go would be heartbreaking over and over, or we would not love them (or worse, have to actively harden ourselves to them) so we could let them go with happiness at finding them a new home. Well, it turns out that yeah, I can fall head over heels in love with these sweet furbabies AND can be excited to help find them a new forever home. It is a relief to know that I can be a foster who loves the animals entrusted to her. Because the alternative was bumming me out.

So news flash: love these pups! They are just the bees-knees! And I can't wait to get them adopted out so they can spread their magic to someone lucky enough to have them in their lives!

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