The Sound of Music: Fast Class Music

You have asked for it, and I am happy to be sharing with you more music suggestions for dancing and listening. This month we're looking at the common music we use in classes each week. The more familiar you are with these songs, the better you will be able to respond to it in the moment, and the better dancer you will be. Especially in the lead, timing your transitions thoughtfully around changes in the music is a key to gently bringing your followers along with you, making everyone look synchronous and confident.

And the more you listen to Middle Eastern music in general, the more you will begin to recognize common themes and patterns. Eventually, you develop an ear that can anticipate changes, even in music you may have never heard before, and be able to respond to them spontaneously. That's when the real magic strikes...and opens doors to dancing joyfully to live musicians!

So here is a list of fast songs we use in class, which has links to the album on either Amazon or iTunes where you can purchase the individual songs, or the entire album!

Baladi Unplugged (our zilling tune!) / Helm / Itneen
Saidi Festival / Upper Egypt Ensemble / Egypt-A Musical Voyage
Mazamir / BodyShock / The Bellydance Project
Sout With Spice / FatChance Belly Dance / Itneen
Wuh Ya Booy (Oh Father) / Hossam Ramzy / Sabla Tolo III
Entah / Helm /Itneen
*This is a legal, free download of this entire album. Just click "Slow Download" to start the transfer.


  1. Oh, no! I tried downloading Passion for Percussion and the website says "file not found"! I tried it on IE and Google Chrome--is there something else I should be doing?

  2. I just tried it myself and had no issue Rebecca. I would give it another go! If not, can your email take a 63MB zip file? I can send it on to you.



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