An article on ATS/fusion.

Dear readers, I am curious what your thoughts are on this summation of ATS, ITS, and fusion.


  1. Wow. It's a good thing I was sitting down. Some of that is offensive, hilarious, wait...did she say 'verbal cues?'.

    In the beginning, I thought, 'oh okay, so she wants to credit Jamila, so I'm sure Masha's name will be mentioned any second. Nope.
    Then, it just got down right ridiculous, ill informed, false, etc.
    I left her a lengthy comment and made many corrections to the quoted statement and tried to be as articulate and pc and humanly possible. (so hard)
    Just goes to show that the words...'I read it on the web..' don't mean *cuss*.
    I love you Shay!

  2. I hope the author of the article took your(Carrie's) comments to heart, because there is enough confusion out there. Clarifying Jamila's style, adding that Masha took what she wanted from that, and Carolena took what she wanted from Masha, and developed it into a codified dance style would have been great. Alas, confusing and misleading internettery prevails.



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