Emmet the Otter

Last night was our "Elf Virgin Party", which sounds kinky, but is actually just an excuse to get some friends to watch the fabulously hilarious film. Really, if you haven't seen it, you must.

My friend Michelle brought a bonus DVD for us to watch after: "Emmet the Otter's Jug Band Christmas". If you haven't seen it, and love Jim Henson's work as I do, you will love it. And do NOT miss the outtakes, which had us CRYING with laughter! Some of it is available on YouTube, but I feel you won't get the full effect unless you are in a room with people you love, eating junk food, and enjoying the holidays in style.

Now I am ready to make my washtub bass to rock with my new band.


  1. They actually made a musical of Emmet Otter recently that I've attended for the last two years in CT at the GoodSpeed Opera House. There are real muppets in it! Totally cool :) And I agree, the outtakes are hilarious "Sweet Jesus!!!"

  2. Yeah Amber, I saw a review of it just today! Lucky you!



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