The quality of a teacher...

Posted by Ali of n.o.madic tribal, taken from a yoga blog kept by a Jivamukta:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful sentiment, Ali!

"Teachers are extensions of their masters. Average teachers are merely mimicking their masters. The great teachers have found the master within from which they project.

Teachers are not measured by what they know. They are measured by what they can instill. True teachers are supposed to enable their students to become self sufficient, strong and independent people who choose to be with them. Quality teachers remove codependency and or attachment from the relationship. The ultimate goal of teachers is to make students into masters. By doing the latter the student is free. Students who experience this should never forget where the direction came from.

The quality of the teacher is defined through the student’s practice. As the student grows so does the teacher. Thus the student’s progression is the teacher’s top concern."

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