Mineral Makeup, for those interested

This is a re-post answering some make-up questions I have been asked in the past about my mineral makeup tips!

"Question time: What is your 'foundation primer' versus 'shadow primer?' I know you had talked about the Smashbox primer, but I don't know whether that is a 'foundation primer' or a 'shadow primer' so I am not sure what you mean here, and I am dreadfully curious. I'm also curious about the 'spritz of lavender water.' What's this about?"

Okay, so SmashBox's Photo Finish primer is the foundation primer I was talking about the other day. That is Here It gives you a really smooth start to your foundation, and makes it last longer.

Shadow primer is usually a neutral colored creme-based cosmetic which you put on your lid only. It keeps your shadow longer, keeps it from slipping or separating, and intensifies the color. I only use it for performance, because I don't need that level of lasting and intensity for regular everyday wear.

I just saw this cool little number from Smashbox: a lip and lip primer stick HERE, where each end is one product, though they also sell just a liquid shadow primer. But I personally use Mac Paints in Bare Canvas or Stillife, which is HERE
, which isn't specifically a lid primer, but worked great as one for me. I hear the paint pots work the same way.

Anyway, my favorite thing about using a good primer is the intensifying and lasting power added to ANY shadow. So frankly, a lot of my shadows are cheap-ass brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc. Sure, I like to invest in some favorite colors from Mac and Stila, a little Nars, too. But I don't have to, and using a good primer/cream base can open up a world of more affordable and easily accessible drug store brands for longer wear and performance-worthy color and staying power.

As for the water spritz: Among mineral make-up users, there is a belief that a fine spritz of water after applying all your make-up helps to "set" it. Usually, as the moisture of your skin imbues the foundation, it settles in to your skin (not into the pores, but just blends into your skin visually). By spritzing, you are helping the process along, and helps all the ingredients of your look "melt" together. I have a finishing spray from Aromaleigh (with cucumber and chamomile) that I very much like, but have misplaced recently. My backup is an atomizer with filtered water and a drop of lavender essential oil. You can use whatever scent you like. Most people seem to like rosewater or lavender water.

Now for the record, looking at all the info I have given as of late, it appears that I am some kind of high maintenance make-up gal! I'm not! I resist most of those conventions, and maintain that I am a tomboy at heart. :) I only do the full meal deal for performance or nights on the town. For everyday, I just prep my skin with moisturizer, sometimes primer (but not always), kabuki on my foundation, brush my cheeks with a little warm color, and I am good to go. I usually only set it when I feel like it (or for particularly humid/hot weather where I think I will sweat it off), or for performance or nights out. And only do any eye, brow, or lash color when I am in a whimsical mood or for performance, etc. So mostly a little foundation and done. Ready to go in under 10 minutes, hair and all. LOL

If you want to read some previous posts about my forays into resting various mineral makeups and side-by-side comparisons in photo evidence, check out my compiled tags list of entries for mineral makeup

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